Helmets for pedestrians … a no brainer!

The recent furore in the capital following the tragic death of 5 cyclists in 9 days has got everyone commentating. The safety campaigners are having a field day and Boris has got his knickers in a twist as everyone blames everyone else. Now traffic police have been given a target to fine 10 cyclists a month… Brilliant!!



There’s no escaping the fact that those streets are mean and dangerous. If you subscribe to the idea that cyclists should make themselves more conspicuous by wearing hi-viz jackets and safer by wearing helmets, then here is the bottom line.

It seems that the fact that PEDESTRIANS suffer more fatalities per year than cyclists has somehow been buried in the maelstrom. A cursory glance at Department of Transport statistics reveals that PEDESTRIANS account for 51% of all fatalities and 37% of serious injuries on our roads. In 2012, 69 pedestrians were killed and 14 cyclists died (source http://www.tfl.gov.uk/assets/downloads/corporate/Board-20131106-Part-1-Item6-HSE-Annual-Report.pdf)


So there it is … the stark evidence PEDESTRIANS should be wearing helmets and Hi-Viz jackets, you simply know it makes sense!

Practically it would be a simple matter of keeping your helmet handy in a (Hi-Viz) rucksack, which you would keep with you at all times. Simply slip the protective wear as soon as you enter the mean streets from your car or office, or even the pub. Nightclubs would have a Hi-Viz/helmet stores and drunken girls teetering in high heels would suddenly become safe from the dangers of speeding traffic. Motorists meanwhile would be able to operate in the usual way, untroubled by the impediment of dimly lit pedestrians daring to cross the road without protective wear.

Think of the savings, think of the advantages for those busy A&E Departments … in these times of austerity, only a reckless fool could argue against such statistics.


If you have an ounce of humanity or indeed any care for your fellow humans, you will join the ‘campaign against bare skulls on the streets’ (CABSOS)

Just one thing … those who feel that the home is a dangerous place too are encouraged to keep their helmet (and Hi-Viz) on there too… You know it makes sense!

Oh… and if you do knock over a “disrespectful” cyclist or pedestrian … Who is not wearing Hi-viz or helmet (therefore it’s obviously their fault) … For goodness sake don’t Tweet it!

…Look what happened to ‘Poor Old Emma Way … NO WAY!’

Immortalised in a folk song forever ….!!